E-marketing and fundraising process

No longer do people have to even write a check to donate. It is as simple as click, type in credit card, and select how much you wish to donate.  You might have been able to direct them to your donation website, blog, or social media from an email where they did not even realize how much a small donation can make such a big difference until they actually saw it on the web. If you are doing an online auction on your blog and donation website, this can help potential donors realize that one of the auction items  could be an unexpected benefit to your life; one you did not think you needed.  Furthermore, these items can be just as simply as a click away!

Social media is crucial to influence not just one step of the marketing process but from start to finish of the fundraising effort and even after the marathon is over. From the moment you decide to start a race you can update your facebook status and send a tweet that you are signing up for the marathon and start fundraising. I had my first training with Team In Training this morning, but signed up for the race last week. I have already been able to get $700 in donations! After the meeting, alumni’s in Team In Training they also said they received many donations that come in after the race. Of course trying to get people to donate during the training is a vital step as well.

I am able to communicate to so many people and market to people to donate to the cause. I have seen friends already start to have auctions and yard sales online where all proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society just by creating their own blog and website. Some might not see how e-marketing can affect the fundraising world but I believe that this is one of the crucial ways in which I am going to reach my personal goal of $4000!


Originally, when people were asked to donate for a fundraiser, they could, for example, set up a stand outside a Publix grocery store and collect cash donations. A problem with that is that it only provides a short time for interaction it is harder to make a well-informed decision. It is not only more convenient to donate over the internet but provides a wealth of information on the cause for Leukemia and Lymphoma. Being more informed and involved has always been a key to fundraising. Moreover, donors can comment and see how their donation has contributed on your thermometer of donation goal. They have the feeling of being involved as well!  From the start of my fundraising journey everyone has left a comment and/or an amazing letter that they have received recognition for. I had some even asked if they could pay with check but their names would appear online that showed that they contributed!

One of the crucial ways, to get donations would be to get people to keep donating as if you were selling them a product. As if their money will help save a life and help to find a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma. Well guess what?! It does! But many people still need the push and information and this can be done by target marketing and promotions. Incentives can always help someone donate. When I send out emails I try to target market my letters to what their interests and hobbies are. For example, I am a nanny and have been for quite some time. I was able to find one of our honored heroes who has survived cancer and put it in the letter to these families to show that your contribution has helped one of these children in need. With regards to the government, to limit the role of e-marketing in the purchase decision process and fundraising, I do not believe that it will hinder the e-marketing fundraising section. Maybe at a bigger aspect of the government would attempt to limit the role of e-marketing in the purchase decision in certain industries. But I do not believe fundraising would be a concern. Because of the already extensive government regulation and surveillance


2 responses to “E-marketing and fundraising process

  1. Hi,
    Great post, In fact, with the use of e-marketing today it has become so much easier and effective to develop and execute fund raiser activities. for instance, now days when you use your credit card at any supermarket such as publix or windixie you are immediately if you would like to donate X amount for Y cause. That is just awesome.

  2. It is a quick way to make a donation. However, there are a group of people who set up fake websites in order to take advantage of people and take their money. Sometimes they even steal people’s identities. That is very unfortunate since that is a big concern for some very generous people. The Government can certainly play a role there by checking out donations websites in order to protect innocent people.

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