Internet privacy

As it appears to me I don’t believe there can be absolute online privacy. After reading articles like “Privacy Groups Hoping Stanford Study Prompts Action”  by Juliana Gruenwald and other articles on this topic I am now officially freaked out. With the state of the internet of today it seems almost impossible to truly secure one’s personal information because it is required by most profit and informational websites that you provide personal information. Often times one might be asked by one of the service providers if they are able to provide your information to third party sites.

A lot of times if you refuse this you are not agreeing with the terms of the site. This in turn, can prevent you from participating in these online communities, information data bases, online capital management. Honestly, in the world that we live in with business and the internet taking such a turn with marketing uses it grows increasing hard for our budding digital workforce to not give out your personal information. Despite the fact that this information can be sold to third party companies for a nominal fee. Why do it?

The convenience.

 You are not forced to be put on social networks or even subscribing to something or have to buy it online. There is always the alternative to not putting your personal information on the internet. You are taking a risk by putting in information that can expose you to the world. Also by paying things online with your credit card, signing up for anything with your address, or even school information with social security put on the internet is your choice. There is still a paper or walk in way to do almost everything that the internet can do, but may take you longer.

I have personally have experienced the loss of privacy due the internet. I was a victim of identity theft; one of the largest growing crimes since the internet revolution.

I arrived to New York City to my cousin’s house where I planned to stay for 2 weeks till I was able to find an apartment. I went to the grocery store that was around the corner from her apartment to get some stuff that I had forgotten. I went to go pay and my card was rejected. I thought that was impossible because I had just put all the money I had made over summer into that account. I checked online and it said on my Bank of America account that I was -799,999 on my account. After two months of dealing with fraud investigation I finally had my account back to normal, but was stuck in New York City with the $50 I had in my pocket. That had taught me a lesson.

Although I have been a victim of identity fraud, I cannot say that all websites are unsecure. I donate online via credit card to various charities that insure me that my information will be secure. After my experience, in my mind does a lack of internet privacy discourage people from donating to internet based charities due to fear of harm? I am personally running the Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon in June and have been fundraising for 3 months and have been able to raise $3,350!! Check it out!

 I know that those people who have donated online credit cards are safe. I am not able to sign in and see any of their personal information that could affect them in a negative or harmful way. When we sign up anyone over the phone or even online we do not keep any credit card numbers on file. Maybe something can still be private.


One response to “Internet privacy

  1. I am sorry to read about what happen to you with your card, and the worst part for me was that you were scammed after doing a good action: “donating money”. Definitely, we have to be more careful when we share any kind of information on internet. Our info is being used for any kind of purpose from good ones to bad ones. Internet is good, but we have to treat it with careful.

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