It started on the college campus of Harvard with the website Hot Or Not? Then turned to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg had no possible idea of how this was going to expand. From a private company to a public company. Dreams were going from big to bigger. What could be wrong? What could Facebook be scared of?

 We found all of this out when Facebook became a public company on May 17, 2012 when they were required to fill out registration through The Securities and Exchange Commission. 

In the SEC report by law as a public company they have to put a Summary of Risk Factors. Facebook’s competition is there and they know it. Facebook has many competitors which include Twitter and Google+.

 With statements saying : “Our business is highly competitive, and competition presents an ongoing threat to the success of our business;”

 GlobalWebIndexOne  reported that Twitter had the largest global growth in 2012. 

In the SEC Report Facebook also added to their Risk Factor section :

“If we fail to retain existing users or add new users, or if our users decrease their level of engagement with Facebook, our revenue, financial results, and business may be significantly harmed;”

  Around 2008 Facebook built an immense user base and is still continuing to grow. Now in 2013 Facebook has 1.06 billion monthly active users while Twitter has 500 million mau’s. But Watch out Facebook , Twitter is ready to grow and fast! Twitters next move is to increase the user growth. Which is what they did in 2012.


This is just a mere glimpse of what competition Facebook has.  I haven’t even began to delve into telling you the competition that Facebook has worldwide. Just imagine who is out there.


Check out Craig! I am a huge fan of his iCasts; he explains things in the simplest ways.

Craig Chamberlin has over 400 videos on Youtube with his iCasts.  In this video he breaks down the Social Media wars between Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Also take a look at these:




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